Arhiv - Razprave in gradivo, Revija za narodnostna vprašanja

Brezigar, Sara

Marketing minority language as a valid tool in the fight for survival of minority languages : the case of the Slovenes in Italy

Kántor, Zoltán

Nationalizing minorities and homeland politics

Keating, Michael

Beyond sovereignty. Accommodating nations in the European commonwealth

Klopčič, Vera

Legal protection of Roma in Slovenia

Lavskis, Peter

The rhetoric of Australian reconciliation

Loone, Eero

Manageability of ethnic conflicts : conditions and limits

Novak, Aleš, pravnik and Pirc, Janez and Kejžar, Barbara and Šetinc Vernik, Manca and Mihelič, Tina, politologinja

Comparing constitutional protection of human rights in Europe : what can we learn from comparative analysis?

Polzer-Srienz, Mirjam

The “new stage” of Roma policy – a general survey of activities at international level concerning Roma issues

Schaeffer, Robert

Laws of return and ethnic cleansing : the case of Eritrea and Ethiopia

Solem, Knut Erik

The foresight principle in government : needs and possibilities

Solonari, Vladimir

Regulation of ethnic relations in post-Soviet countries : the cases of Latvia and Moldova compared

Novak Lukanovič, Sonja

Position of language: case of the slovene language

Zagorc, Saša

The constitutional framework for regulation of the position of the Roma community in the Republic of Slovenia

Žagar, Mitja

Diversity management – evolution of concepts