Refleksija vloge učitelja v čezmejnem prostoru - Treatises and Documents, Journal of Ethnic Studies

Issue 83

Refleksija vloge učitelja v čezmejnem prostoru

Author: Barbara Baloh, Silva Bratož

Keywords: cross-border classrooms, teaching approaches, teachers' intercultural compe-tences, teacher as reflective practitioner

Summary: Teachers in cross-border regions are constantly exposed to situations which are characterised by a rich linguistic and cultural diversity. The article presents the model of cross-border classrooms which was developed in the project EDUKA2. A special emphasis is paid to the role of teacher as reflective practitioner which presupposes knowledge, skills and personality traits necessary for meeting the challenges of the contemporary classroom. The empirical part presents the results of a study aimed at encouraging teachers to reflect upon their teaching and critically examine which changes they could implement in their work on the basis of the knowledge and experiences gained during the project training activities. The results indicate that the teachers are well aware of the benefits provided by the cross-border territory and are willing to implement changes in their teaching practice.